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Welcome to Data Cruncher
The Cruncher is a suite of device and wafer data acquisition tools for engineers and in-house manufacturing groups. It is web based to allow easy access of production and engineering data, from wafer sort to final test for creating detail histograms and other visual reports to assist you and your customers with monitoring and increasing your overall device performance.
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Data Cruncher features the most commonly used statistical calculations (Average, Standard Deviation and CPK) and presented in a report for easy analysis. Statistical Data from more than one lot can be shown side by side for easy comparison.
Histogram of test parameters can be produced to show trends in parametric test results. Data from more than one lots can be combined and analyzed in one chart.
Shows a graphical map of binning test results, color coded with the bin number indicated for easy identification. Clicking on a die will show XY coordinates and bin value.
Applicable to wafer probe data for showing a graphical map of binning results for a number of wafers. Tally of failed bins per wafer die position is displayed on screen.
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