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What is the Data Cruncher

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is the data Cruncher?

What file formats does it support?

What reports can I generate?

Can I export my reports in excel?

Which browsers do you support?


What is the Data Cruncher?

  • The Cruncher is a suite of device and wafer data acquisition tools for engineers and in-house manufacturing groups. It is web based  to allow easy access of production and engineering data, from wafer sort to final test for creating detail histograms and other visual reports to assist you and your customers with monitoring and increasing your overall device performance.

What file formats are supported?

  •     Datalogs in ASCII and SPD(spreadsheet) format are supported.

What Reports Can I Generate?

For Final Test.

  • Final Test Correlation & Analysis 
  • Tester to Tester Yield Analysis
  • Site to Site Yield Analysis

For Wafer Sort

  • Wafer Probe Correlation
  • Parametric Wafer Map
  • Full Wafer Correlation
  • Partial Wafer Correlation
  • Wafer Map
  • Prober to Prober Yield Analysis
  • Parametric Wafer Map
  • Stacked Wafer Map

Can I save my reports in other formats?

  • Yes, saving your reports in Microsoft Excel format is supported.

Which  browsers does it support?

  • Data Cruncher have been tested and is supported on Microsoft Internet Explorer but will be available on other browsers as well in the near future.


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